3seconds                                (+ timeline of Bushs day + german propaganda)
of facial expressions are no evidence. They can only be part in the puzzle. Bush is not Reagan. He is no actor. Not even a bum or alcohol dependent person can pretend a facial expression. Wrong sentence. Correction: Especially a bum or alcohol dependent person can not hide his true colours. Children and alcoholics tell the truth. For more information about Bush in Sarasota see  bush.html ...und eine deutsche Version 3 Sekunden gibt es auch.
>>I think what really initially started was I saw the picture of the president in, I think it was "Newswee" or "Time" magazine, and I read the caption. And the caption said, you know, "Andy Card telling the president about the second plane." And then I read that he proceeded to read for 25 minutes to the 2nd-graders. He was in a Sarasota school that morning for a reading program.
And I read it again, and I thought it was, you know, misreported. And it wasn`t, and I got upset. I said, you know, this nation was under attack. It was clear that we were under attack. Why didn&#0146;t the Secret Service whisk him out of that school? He was on live local television in Florida. The terrorists, you know, had been in Florida. I mean, we find out that out now. He was less than 10 miles from an airport.<< 
5 years later:
Ein Augenzeuge, damals Zweitkläßker, aus der ersten Reihe berichtet: 
"His face just sort of turned red,'' said Tyler Radkey, who had a front-row seat that morning. "I thought, personally, he had to go to the bathroom.''

Most important

Although you see some photos here with significant expressions on Bush`s face - this is not the main issue.

The main information is: Bush KNEW what was going on since  at least 45 minutes. When his fellow contrymen jumped out of the windows he did not confer with his staff. America was under attack - but was it defended too?

No. Se Rumsfeld. What did he do to scramble fighter jets in time ?
As much as Bush -nothing. See all the  other members of the administration. Nobody tool ction. And now look at the facial expressions which we only have by chance of Bus and of nobody else. They are no argument at all. In the context they illustrate a bit.

September 11th, Sarasota, Florida
President Bush visiting the Emma E. Booker elementary school reading goat stories to second graders.
Listening to goat stories ... while knowing that the first WTC is burning ...
In Genova already stinger batteries were implemented against a terror from the air against Bush. He himself was informed on August 6th about the impending terrorist threat - details of that memo were never released, but Jeb Bush signed a new executive order on terrorism on Sept 7th, only different to the one before in mentioning terrorism in harbours and airports.
Ashcroft did not fly on ordinary planes anymore since August.
Top Pentagon officials canceled travel plans on Sept. 10th:.(On Sept. 10, NEWSWEEK has learned, a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning,
apparently because of security concerns.)
Just on that very morning of September 11th, the CIA simulated planecrashes into buildings :( "On the morning of September 11th 2001,  Mr. Fulton and his team at the CIA were  running a pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building." 

 Amalgam Virgo - another exercise

 "I don't think anybody could have predicted that they would try to use an airplane as a missile," Miss Rice said then. "Had this president known a plane would be used as a missile, he would have acted on it." ( "Few CIA analysts put on al Qaeda case"  By Bill Gertz September 19, 2002 THE WASHINGTON TIMES)

Bush was informed about the hijacking of AA11 in the hotel in Sarasota (as Jared Israel could prove  "Bush in the open"), so he knew at least that something is going on.
Then he got the information about the second hijacking of UA175 and of the impact of AA11 in the WTC. Condoleeza told him directly by phone, as she admitted.
"Mr Rove, a fellow Texan with an expansive manner and a colourful turn of phrase, told the President that a large commercial airliner (American Flight 11) had crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre. Mr Bush clenched his teeth, lowered his bottom lip and said something inaudible. Then he went into the school." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml

Later, in 2002 he lied about his thoughts in Sarasota twice: having the knowledge of the hijacked machines he can not have thought about a "terrible pilot", and he cannot have seen the impact on tv, because the video about the first impact of AA11 was released one day later on tv (in the contrary to the second impact, which was filmed by many cameras from different angles and which was broadcast live on tv).
Andrew Card comes in 09:05 and tells him: "America is under attack"
 how Card "recalls" the situation one year later
Andy Card didn't wait for instructions; he rushed away. 
It means Andy Card did not expect a response.
It means he cannot have been informing Bush that an *unexpected* national attack was underway. He was giving Bush an update on the progress of a plan of which Bush was already aware, and he had to get back to work.
You must not be an expert in psychology. Just remember your own face, your own emotions and expression: "What?" That is: open mouth, open eyes open hands. When - what can be argued - presidents are different, cool, relaxed, without emotions: look at Bush. He is NOT cool. He shows emotions. But not the normal ones of those who are shocked, who dont believe, who dont know what to do. Bushs reaction was:
he glances to the right
"And I started thinking hard in that very brief period of time about what it meant to be under attack."
eyes  shut, he bites his lower lip
staring into the nowhere
he bites his lip again, he chews the lip
eyes and lips shut -

when everybody else receiving the news opened mouth and eyes

a child caught in the act of lying and full of guilt looks similarly

By the way what is your guess: how would a mobster-boss react when one of his underlings storms into the crowded mobster conference room and would tell him: "Padrone, the action you ordered is under way now. We can`t stop it anymore, and there is no guarantee to success." Yes. You are right. A well trained mobster boss would not show the facial reactions which Bush showed.

"I am very aware of the cameras," he recalled later. "I'm trying to absorb that knowledge. I have nobody to talk to. I'm sitting in the midst of a classroom with little kids, listening to a children's story and I realise I'm the Commander in Chief and the country has just come under attack." he recollected. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml

Even after obtaining all this knowledge about the attacks he showed no fear for himself and no care for his fellow Americans burning to death. Fearlessly he stayed there sitting (untill 09:12) and listening to some more goat stories. Then he went to phone some words with Cheney, then to the TV to see some events in New York
official White House foto
and then at 9:30 he held his short address to inform the public that he must govern the country a little bit. It was one hour and 15 minutes after the first signs of hijacking and 25 minutes after he got  the information. "America is under attack" which was already containing more than just a piece of information. It was an established fact. 
The 3seconds again, taken from the same video with a better camera:

"reading makes a country great" is written on the board behind Bushs head. Let us read.

The full length Sarasota Video:


knowing that
- several planes were hijacked
- the first one had hit
- then: that the second one had hit
- his countrymen being jumping
- there is an airforce base in Washington providing the highest stade of alert readiness for the interceptors
- airpolicing procedures

Not knowing
- when the attacks wolud end
- if he/the school would be a target
- what decisions would be to make concerning defense or bail or shoot down or counter attack

???? Or DID he know the last issues ? He acted as if. His staff too.

about body language and facial expressions read on
- Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt
- Desmond Morris
- Sami Molcho


 Confirmation about Bushs knowledgeThe video about the classroom situation in Sarasota  can be downloaded at  http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/bushbook.rm (About 7.300K), but it does not zoom that close to Bushs face. On the other hand it shows that the reading is going on, and how Bush makes conversation ("very impressive, very impressive") and prefers books ("are you reading more than you watch TV?"). America is under attack, and he knows it.
Another source: http://www.buzzflash.comThe whole minutes (8 megs) to download here:    http://www.symbolman.com/911short.exewith Mozart Requiem 
Michel Chossudovsky, www.globalresearch.ca:

George W. Bush's Timeline September 11 (from 9.45am in the wake of the    WTC-Pentagon Attacks to midnight)

    Circa 9:45 a.m.: Bush's motorcade leaves the Booker Elementary School, Sarasota, Florida.

    9:55 a.m: President Bush boards "Air Force One" bound for Washington.23 Following what  was as a "false report" that Air Force One would be attacked, Vice-President Dick Cheney had urged Bush (10:32 a.m.) by telephone not to land in Washington. Following this conversation, the plane was diverted (10:41 a.m.) (on orders emanating from Washington) to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. A couple of hours later (1:30 p.m.), after a brief TV appearance, the President was transported to Offut Air Force base in Nebraska at U.S. Strategic Command Headquarters.

    3:30 p.m.: A key meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) was convened, with members of the NSC communicating with the President from Washington by secure video.24 In the course of this NSC video-conference, CIA Director George Tenet fed unconfirmed information to the President. Tenet stated that "he was virtually certain that bin Laden and his network were behind the attacks. "25

    The President responded to these statements, quite spontaneously, off the cuff, with little or  no discussion and with an apparent misunderstanding of their implications. In the course of  this video-conference (which lasted for less than an hour), the NSC was given the mandate by the Commander-in-Chief to prepare for the "war on terrorism". Very much on the spur of  the moment, the "green light" was given by video conference from Nebraska. In the words of  President Bush: "We will find these people. They will pay. And I don't want you to have any doubt about it." 26

    4:36 p.m.: (One hour and six minutes later . . .) Air Force One departed for Washington. Back in the White House, that same evening (9:00 p.m.) a second meeting of the full NSC  took place, together with Secretary of State Colin Powell who had returned to Washington from Peru. The NSC meeting (which lasted for half an hour) was followed by the first meeting of the so-called "war cabinet". The latter was made up of a smaller group of top  officials and key advisers.

    9:30 p.m.: At the war cabinet: "Discussion turned around whether bin Laden's Al Qaeda and  the Taliban were one and the same thing. Tenet said they were." 27 By the end of that historic meeting of the war cabinet (11:00 p.m.), the Bush Administration had decided to embark upon a military adventure which threatens the collective future of humanity.

    Did Bush Know?

    Did Bush, with his minimal understanding of foreign policy issues, know all the details regarding General Mahmoud and the "ISI connection"? Did Tenet and Cheney distort the  facts, so as to get the Commander-in-Chief's "thumbs up" for a military operation which was  already in the pipeline? In a bitter irony, a meeting between Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and General Mahmoud, the 9-11 "money man", was scheduled at the State Department for the morning after September 11 to discuss their strategy.

frontal 21 am 06.August 2002:

09.03 Uhr: Die Katastrophe wird live im   Fernsehen übertragen. Unzählige Kameras sind auf die Zwillingstürme gerichtet, als das 2. Flugzeug einschlägt.
                                  Die Welt als Augenzeuge, Bilder, die niemand vergessen kann. ...

   "Amerika wird angegriffen"
                                       George Bush besucht gerade eine Grundschule in Florida, als ihm plötzlich sein Büroleiter zuflüstert: "Ein zweites
Flugzeug ist ins World Trade Center geschlagen. Amerika wird angegriffen." In diesem Moment, so wird der Präsident später sagen, habe er sich entschlossen, in den Krieg zu ziehen.
                                  Über ein abhörsicheres Telefon lässt sich der oberste Befehlshaber der USA von seinem Vizepräsidenten informieren. Dick Cheney leitet wie immer die  Amtsgeschäfte im Weißen Haus, wenn der Präsident unterwegs ist. Aber auch Cheney weiß zu diesem Zeitpunkt nur, was die Fernsehstationen aus New York  berichten.

                                  In aller Eile kritzelt der Präsident eine erste Reaktion auf einen Zettel. Er muss dem  Eindruck entgegenwirken, dass ihm die Kontrolle entgleitet: "Today, we've had a national tragedy. Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country. Terrorism against our nation will not  stand."

                                  Die US-Regierung ist machtlos  Nahezu zeitgleich stürmen Secret
Service Beamte in das Büro des   Vizepräsidenten. Ein Flugzeug nähert sich  Washington. Sie bringen Dick Cheney in den Bunker unter dem Weißen Haus. Dort ist der Verkehrsminister am Telefon mit der Luftüberwachung. Noch 50 Meilen, sagt er, 30 Meilen, noch zehn. Das Ziel des Jets ist unklar, die Regierung ist machtlos.

"Amerika ist machtlos" - nur schlecht recherchiert oder volle Propaganda ?
1.George Bush besucht gerade eine Grundschule in Florida, als ihm plötzlich sein Büroleiter zuflüstert:
Nix plötzlich. S.o.

2.In diesem Moment, so wird der Präsident später sagen, habe er sich entschlossen, in den Krieg zu ziehen.
Nein. In diesem Moment habe er überlegt, was denn das bedeute ...

3.Über ein abhörsicheres Telefon lässt sich der oberste Befehlshaber der USA von seinem Vizepräsidenten informieren. 
Als ob er zwischen 08.15 Uhr und dem Ohrgeflüster Andrew Cards 09.05 nicht schon informiert wäre, als ob ein Sicherheitsstab nicht ständig um ihn wäre, um Infos zu werten und evtl. weiterzuleiten, als ob er hätte anrufen müssen bei seinem Vize ... 

4.Aber auch Cheney weiß zu diesem Zeitpunkt nur, was die Fernsehstationen aus New York  berichten.
Haltlose irreale Behauptung.

5. In aller Eile kritzelt ...
zwischen 09.05 und 09.30 Eile? TV geglotzt hat er sogar!

6.Dort ist der Verkehrsminister am Telefon mit der Luftüberwachung. 
Der FAA. Warum eigentlich nicht die zeitgleich operierende NORAD? Warum erfährt das Pentagon zur selben Zeit weder von FAA noch NORAD, sondern vom airport - Personal die Info, da sei eine Boeing im Anflug?
Simple Fragen. Man müßte da mal recherchieren. Wenn man wollte.

 (c) Andreas Hauß 2002 http://www.medienanalyse-international.de/finger.html
(c) Andreas Hauß 2002 http://www.medienanalyse-international.de/index1.html