nature of the campaign - Fragen von Cathy an ihre Regierung
I read that there is clear evidence that some people were trying to make a profit in the stock market by pushing up the price of airline stocks 25 times their normal value, and then selling them right before the attacks. This profit scheme is the clearest link between people who had knowledge of these attacks and the actual criminals. 
My questions are:

1) why are you not releasing the names of the corporations and people involved in the stock scheme; I have only heard a vague reference made to "some insurance companies in Germany and elsewhere" as having been involved

2) are we not aggressively pursuing this lead because of our laws of privacy?

3) how do you plan to bring these people "to account"?

4) do you plan to bomb the buildings of these corporations that participated in this scheme?

5) do you plan to bomb the buildings of corporations that hosted and facilitated this scheme, or did not release the information you requested?

This campaign is RACIST! 
Once again, with a willingness to wage war, kill innocent people, and disrupt life in other parts of the world - while "protecting the rights of privacy" of westerners that clearly knew of these attacks - we are clearly showing the true nature of this campaign.