Weitere Hinweise auf "remote control" - Möglichkeiten als Ersatz für betrogene Hijacker und ausgeschaltete Piloten. Der Titel dieser Seite Titanic ergab sich aus folgender Überlegung:
Bei den Diskussionen rund um den 11. September ergaben sich - siehe /finger.html - verschiedene Ansichten von einem halben Dutzend Piloten, mit denen wir sprachen. Deren Ausbildung/Wissen differierte natürlich. Einer, Flugausbilder auf B767, war ganz sicher feste völlig klar 100% überzeugt davon, daß eine Außensteuerung einer B757/B767 unmöglich sei.
Mein Gedanke dazu war dann nur: "Und die Titanic ist unsinkbar."
Nicht daß ich technikfeindlich wäre (ganz im Gegenteil). Ich bin nur nicht technikGLÄUBIG.
Und die reine Möglichkeit einer Steuerung gegen den Pilotenwillen ist natürlich noch lange kein BEWEIS dafür, daß solches am 11. September erfolgte.
Nur ist der Ausschluß dieser Möglichkeit meiner Ansicht nach reine Irrationalität.
Folgende Diskussion aus www.rense.com verdeutlicht, worum es geht.

1)         "A fully integrated flight management computer system (FMCS)
            provides for automatic guidance and control of the 757-200 from
            immediately after takeoff to final approach and landing. Linking
            together digital processors controlling navigation, guidance and
            engine thrust, the flight management system ensures that the
            aircraft flies the most efficient route and flight profile for reduced
            fuel consumption, flight time and crew workload.
            The precision of global positioning satellite system (GPS)
            navigation, automated air traffic control functions, and advanced
            guidance and communications features are now available as part
            of the new Future Air Navigation System (FANS) flight
            management computer."
2) unter Bezug auf(referring to): '9-11 Planes Not Flown Remotely'
            By David Foster
            Former Aviation Consultant (?)

            "Myth: Dark Forces planted Global Hawk Remote Piloting
            equipment in all four aircraft and seized control shortly after
             "Reality: Had this happened, the flight crew would have radioed
            an emergency to Air Traffic Control."
            MY COMMENT If Dark Forces can install remote control, can
            they not also take care of all other issues, such as "undesirable"
            radio alerts to the ground???
            David Foster's thoughts about what a pilot "could" do if their
            aircraft was remotely taken over:
            "4. Pilot thinks he has a runaway flight control system. He kills
            flight computer number 1 and goes with 2. If that fails he re-
            initializes the system and the bird flies in dumb mode for a short
            while. If that fails he re-initializes again and dumps all flight course
            data and reverts to dumb mode and manually enters way points. If
            that fails he kills primary and goes to dumb mode for rest of flight
            (Boeing learned from the Airbus incident. The 757/767 glass
            cockpit allows the pilot to have the final say) 5. If all else fails, pilot
            will kill the system, drop the air motor (a little emergency
            generator that drops into the slip stream and generates power
            with a small propeller and land ASAP with only partial hydraulic
            boost and a turn and bank. (Thank you Air Canada). 6. All 4
            aircraft, assuming they were not hijacked, had sufficient time to do
            the above." 
            MY COMMENT Referring to my first comment, little or
            NOTHING could be done if the reconstructed systems override all
            pilot input. It's all chip and software "fly by wire" and "ohhh, so
            easy" to mess with.
            David Foster: "7. There are recordings from Flight 175 of the
            hijacker speaking. [Seems evident]* the PIC (Pilot in Command)
            held down the push to talk on the yoke so somebody would know
            he was being hijacked. It also means he wasn't being allowed to
            use the radio. The hijacker was even recorded saying NO ONE
            did not resist." *My note: If it "seems" to be, it is?? 
            MY COMMENT The PIC (PILOT IN COMMAND) was the
            remote "joy stick" pilot and the "HIJACKER" an actor/dark force
            stand in. Or, do you (the readers) also believe the "smoking gun"
            video is real??!!
            David Foster: "Myth: These poorly trained hijackers could not
            have flown such complicated aircraft in such a precise manner." 
            "Reality 1: Talk to any pilot, they flew not so precisely. 
            Reality 2. Flying is easy, any 16 year old can do it,and taking off is
            Reality 3: 16 year old Japanese kids with 2 hours training through
            fighter cover and flak and hit smaller targets like Aircraft Carriers
            and Destroyer Escorts." 
            MY COMMENT Remote control bypasses on board pilots, thus
            no issue!! But,,, since it has been raised, and since there are
            people who still believe passports can fly through blood, jet fuel,
            glass and steel then fire that "melts" steel and then travel several
            NY city blocks through buildings thus being: "miraculously" found;
            submitted to police and winding up on CNN...
            ...I'll give it a shot:
            IGNORE: To REFUSE to pay attention to; disregard.
            IGNORANT: Without education or knowledge. IGNORAMUS: An
            ignorant person. My addition: One whom ignores (refuses)
            knowledge which leads to truth.... One whom WILLFULLY
            refuses knowledge, even when it is right before them. These
            words, of course, are right across from IDIOT and IDLE in the
            Highly Concerned American

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