tapes and red herrings

#e wieder eine falsche Spur zuständig waren die ARTCCs von Cleveland und Nashua, das Center in Herndon sowie die lokalen ATCs auf Logan und Reagan airport - keinesfalls aber Ronkonkoma. Zudem geht es um die tapes dieser jeweiligen Radar- screenshots, um die tapes der CVRs und FDRs. Und davon wird abgelenkt. Hier nur eine kleine Listung NUR der tapes, die allesamt vorhanden sein müßten und weit wichtiger wären als ein tape von einem NACHTRÄGLICHEN Gesprächstreffen unbeteiligter Fluglotsen, von dem eh nix mehr da ist, was aber jederzeit durch Gespräch mit den betreffenden Lotsen wieder rekonstruierbar wäre.

The story is made by the same fabric as so many others as i.e. the "Hunt the Boeing" story:

we shall again run for evidence that does not exist, protest against a deletion of something which content is completely unclear ...

Let us take the simple facts: what we miss as evidence - and I am talking about REAL evidence which really must be existant, is:

2 CVR tapes (at least) of UA93 and AA77, which were recovered
2 FDR tapes " "
4 RADAR screenshot tapes, that is the NORAD one, the FAA Herndon one, the one from Cleveland  and the one from Boston/Nashua at least, additionally the one from Reagan airport about the approach of AA77

In charge were the ARTCCs Cleveland and Nashua - and NOT the New York one. So we are missing  the 
2 radio tapes from Cleveland and Nashua (the fakes which are available are a jike)

We need the videotapes of the airport cameras from Logan, Kennedy and Dulles.

Some more tapes? Let me recall: the tapes of the surveillance cameras close to the Pentagon.

What about of all the tapes of all the airports which were not involved, but had the events on their screens and could listen to the radio?

There are some more tapes: the tapes of the three C-130 close to the evnts. The tapes of the F-15 circling UAL93.

Some more tapes? What about the tapes of the allegedly scrambled five F-15 /F-16 from OTIS and Langley?

Enough about TAPES. It is only the TAPE-evidence that I am listing here. The perpetrators of 9/11 know exactly what to hide and what to offer.

And the whole sceptic movement loves to run for the sticks. When do people ever notice that the NY times does NOT just tell us what they "found out"? 

Und deshalb heißt mein Buch auch "und die unterdrückten Beweise"

Im übrigen bewundere ich Frau Klarsfeld.

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