Kriegsgefahr für Iran

- unterschiedliche Strategien Cheneys  im Verhältnis zum State Departement, zu den direkten Gesprächen USA-Iran in Bagdad -

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Sehr geehrter Herr Kornelius 

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Peter Spengler korrespondiert ja mit Steve Clemons. Dieser hatte eine nette Konversation mit Leuten aus Cheneys Umfeld. Dabei kam das heraus:

Woraufhin sich die NYT genötigt fühlte, das Thema aufzugreifen und unsere liebe Condi Schadensbegrenzung machen musste, u. a. weil auch die UNO von "new crazies" sprach und europäische Diplomaten highly alerted waren:

Die NYT bezieht sich auf den engen Mitarbeiter Cheneys, David Wurmser. David Wurmser ist der Ehemann von Meyrav Wurmser und Nahost-Berater von US-Vizepräsident Dick Cheney. 
Meyrav Wurmser ist eine führende Mitarbeiterin rechtsgerichteter US-amerikanischer und israelischer Denkfabriken, darunter des Hudson Institute, des Ariel Center for Policy Research, des Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies und unterrichtet an der United States Naval Academy. 1996 war sie an der Studie "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" beteiligt. Diese vielbeachtete und für die israelische wie die amerikanische Nahostpolitik unter Bush II richtungweisende Studie forderte die Entfernung Saddam Husseins von der Macht im Irak, die Beendigung der Umsetzung des Osloer Friedensprozesses, militärische Angriffe auf den Libanon und Syrien und dass Israel "eng mit der Türkei und Jordanien zusammenarbeiten" solle, um regionale "Gefahren einzudämmen, zu destabilisieren und zurückzudrängen (rollback)"; Israel solle syrische Einrichtungen im Libanon und evtl. in Syrien selbst bombardieren. Weitere Autoren der Studie waren bekannte Neokonservative wie Richard Perle, Douglas Feith und 

David Wurmser.(Aus Wikipedia, ausnahmsweise, da korrekt) 

Hier eine Inhaltsangabe der Studie "A clean break...." 

und hier noch einmal zum besseren Arbeiten, da gute Textverlinkung

Der Guardian schreibt 2002 dazu: 

Entitled "A clean break: a new strategy for securing the realm", it was intended as a political blueprint for the incoming government of Binyamin Netanyahu. As the title indicates, it advised the right-wing Mr Netanyahu to make a complete break with the past by adopting a strategy "based on an entirely new intellectual foundation, one that restores strategic initiative and provides the nation the room to engage every possible energy on rebuilding Zionism ..." 

Among other things, it suggested that the recently-signed Oslo accords might be dispensed with - "Israel has no obligations under the Oslo agreements if the PLO does not fulfil its obligations" - and that "alternatives to [Yasser] Arafat's base of power" could be cultivated. "Jordan has ideas on this," it added. 

It also urged Israel to abandon any thought of trading land for peace with the Arabs, which it described as "cultural, economic, political, diplomatic, and military retreat". 

Two other opinion-makers in the team were David Wurmser and his wife, Meyrav (see US thinktanks give lessons in foreign policy, August 19). Mrs Wurmser was co-founder of Memri, a Washington-based charity that distributes articles translated from Arabic newspapers portraying Arabs in a bad light. After working with Mr Perle at the American Enterprise Institute, David Wurmser is now at the State Department, as a special assistant to John Bolton (2002, Anmerkung von mir), the under-secretary for arms control and international security.,4273,4493638,00.html 

Das ist doch eine schöne Mischpoke, nicht wahr?

[ ... ]

Drittens eine Granate des Herrn Norman Podhoretz, der als Schreibtischtäter selbst Perle in den Schatten stellt und über seinen Schwiegersohn (stellvertretender Leiter des NSC) Einfluss auf Bush hat. Sein Sohn ist editorial page director der New York Post. 
The Case for Bombing Iran: Zitat: I pray and hope that President Bush will do it

Soweit Kochen Scholz `Mail. 

Iranisch-Us-Kontakte - Analyse der  Gespräche 3.6.07.

und darauf die Antwort in der IHT

Letter to the editor [der Auslassungen des Herrn Norman Podhoretz]

To whom it may concern, 

"As an American and as a Jew, I pray with all my heart that he will." 

Mr. Podhoretz's god seems to be a close relative to the one of Ayatollah Khomeini and the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. 
Unfortunately Norman P. is someone we call "Schreibtischtaeter"; 
otherwise I would only break out into a satanic laughter reading all this - how do you say? - bullshit. However, he knows very well why he writes  this aricle and why he wrote his book on World War IV recently. 

There are a lot of strategy papers forming a chain of arguments for the US control of resources, sealines of communication and and the control of energy distribution, vulgo oil and gas: From the 1996 "A clean Break...." to Paul Wolfowitz's 2000 PNAC paper and the Greater Middle East Initiative, not to forget Mr Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard. P.'s article and his latest book fit exactly in this chain. 

The quality of arguments is so poor that I really hesitated to comment. The reason for finally doing so is: You and he shall know that there is a growing number of "old" Europeans  who are highly concerned about the course American foreign politics has taken, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Former allies are regarded and are treated as vasalls. 
Commonly shared values have been terminated uilaterally. The United Nations, a primarily US idea and foundation are regarded as an obstacle for American supremacy. And all this before the background that "blowback" has already begun. How long, as an example, will the rest of the world accept the world currency No. 1 in the light of the US trade 
balance, how long will the rest of the world admire the naked kaizer's clothes, what do you think, Mr. Prodhoretz? How long will the rest of the world finance the US ability for power projection directed against the financiers? 
The then CEO of Haliburton and today's Vice President made his "autumn lunch speach" back in 1999 on the occasion of a meeting at the British Petroleum Institute. That is the key for understanding what is all about 
behind "nation building", "war on terror", "good governance", "rogue states", "islamofscism", "democratizing", "finlandization", "AFRICOM" and so on and on. Please, do not think that Europeans are on the same information level as the average American citizen.  That is not arrogance, but mainly a result of our tight network of public radio and television and our vulnerability and population density compared with the United States. 
The USA could have the whole world as friends, if her policy were the policy  of a gentle, honest and mild hegemon - without loosing her global influence. What a historical mistake not to act this way! 
Since the days of the Greek mythology everyone should know, how the gods treat hybris. After Bismarck's dismissal Germans had forgotten. The result was 1945 

Jochen Scholz 
LtCol (Rtrd.) 
12 years NATO, 8 Years MoD Germany 
Advisor to the Defence Committee of the German Bundestag 

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(c) Andreas Hauß, Juni 2007

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